Peter Langley

Peter Langley
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Peter is the founder and managing director of Origin. He has a degree in Physics, and is a Solicitor, patent attorney and trademark attorney. He has been voted one of the World’s 300 Leading IP Strategists since 2013 by IAM.  He sits on the main or advisory boards of companies operating in various areas, including nanomaterials, vaping, and medication compliance.

Peter has advised many leading technology companies over the years, including ARM, TikTok, Skyscanner, Arrival, King Digital, TomTom, Deep Mind, Symbian, Psion, Unilever, as well as VCs, family offices and start-ups.  He focusses on IP litigation, IP arbitration and IP creation and has extensive experience in patenting software.  He and his team have managed major patent litigation in the US (including S337 ITC proceedings), Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and the UK; they have handled arbitrations in the UK, Switzerland and Japan, and resolved major global patent disputes through mediation.

He is also a Visiting Professorial Fellow in Law at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary, University of London.

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